Flavors of Maremma

In our Agriturismo you can taste and buy organic products:

Typical product

The farm house Il Quarto personally produces cheeses, salamis and products typical to the Maremma, prepared using the freshest local ingredients and following ancient recipes tied to the peasant past and culture.

Guests to the farm house have the opportunity to try the high quality products offered by the house during breakfast and can even buy any of the home made products so that they too can take home a piece of the Maremma, appreciating the aromas and flavours of this beautiful territory long after their vacation has ended.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Oil is definitely one of the symbols of the Maremman land, recognized as perhaps the most celebrated and appreciated product the territory offers to its guests. Carefully produced using ancient methods, the oil is of the highest quality and one of the best in Italy.

Thanks to its superior quality and the dedication given by producers, the Maremman oil has received many awards over the years and is something of great pride for the territory and its people who are delighted that so many Maremman oils have been honoured with IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), an award given to products whose high quality, reputation, recipe and characteristics can be traced pack to its geographical origin.

The Maremma, with its characteristic hills, is the ideal location for the cultivation of olives and the production of oil. The ample stretches of olive groves and the collection of olives have, over the years, become an iconographic symbol, an element which differentiates the Tuscan region from the rest of Italy. The great amount of care that is dedicated to the treatment of the olives and the incredible attention dedicated to the extraction of the oil is an indication of the importance of this product in this area and the desire of the producers to provide only the highest quality.

The farm house Il Quarto actually produces their own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, offering guests the unique opportunity to try the authentic flavours of the Maremma and take home a product of genuine quality.