Bolsena Lake

Nicknamed “the lake you can drink from” for its crystal clear waters, Bolsena Lake is without a doubt one of the most fascinating and beautiful locations in Tuscia Laziale. Located in the northern part Lazio, it is truly one of a kind, with incredible views, panoramas and charming nearby villages and town. The farm house Il Quarto is only a short distance away from the lake, making it the ideal location for a pleasant and relaxing stay whilst enjoying the best of this incredible lake.

Bolsena Lake has volcanic origins, an element which makes it even more interesting and fascinating, as it is the largest volcanic lake in Europe. On its waters you can admire the enchanting beauty of Bisentina Island and Martana Island, both of which are historical prolific for the people and events they have hosted and artistically prolific for the numerous monuments and scared buildings they are home to.

Martana Island is best known, according to local legends, as the home of Amalasunta, the Queen of the Goths, an incredibly beautiful and interesting woman who was killed by her cousin Teodato and spurred the greatest murder mystery of the era, mentioned even by Italian poet Dante. Bistena Island on the other hand, is recognized as a jewel of art and history, with wonderful ancient churches that hold many beautiful and priceless works of art, Renaissance gardens and extraordinary monuments.

Bolsena Lake is the perfect place for those who love nature and want to learn about the amazing culture of the area, an unforgettable experience; visitors can visit some of the beautiful villages in the area, including Bolsena, Gradoli, Capodimonte, Valentano and Marta, whilst soaking up the unique spirit and history of this lake and its surrounding areas.