Mount Amiata

Located between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, is Monte Amiata, a splendid mountain complex of 1378 meters, it is a mountain of volcanic origin extraordinarily rich in environments and landscapes, unique in their kind, including woods, narrow paths and green meadows; Il Quarto farmhouse is located a few kilometers from this wonderful and extraordinary place, offering its guests the opportunity to quickly reach the mountain and enjoy its countless attractions.

Monte Amiata looks like an enchanted place, whose visit can certainly be a pleasant experience worthy of being appreciated in all its aspects, walking through the paths and streets that lead from the valleys to the summit, admiring the beauty of nature. , among the beech woods and chestnut woods, and observing the enchanting views offered by its natural terraces.

Absolutely numerous are the small villages and villages that you can meet during an excursion in the Monte Amiata area, we are talking about Castell’Azzara, an ancient possession of the Aldobrandeschi family, Santa Fiora, famous for its fish pond built in course of the Renaissance by the local lords, Castel del Piano, with its squares and its delightful ancient streets and Roccalbegna, with its imposing boulder that dominates the entire town and which gives it its name.

Certainly famous and appreciated are the typical products of Monte Amiata, we speak to this proposal of the mushrooms, absolutely very appreciated and widespread, of the DOC chestnut, of Monte Amiata, with the type of Marrone and IGP oil, all products to which they are dedicated, throughout the year, a large number of festivals, demonstrations and events, both popular and cultural, of great interest and able to capture the attention of the participants with tastings and entertainment shows.