The wonderful village of Saturnia, a historic site of the Etruscan and Roman civilizations, is located in the heart of the Maremma, between landscapes and views of absolute beauty and charm. A short distance from Saturnia and its famous thermal springs you will find Il Quarto, a homely farm house which offers its guests the possibility to experience a unique and enjoyable vacation.

The town of Saturnia is one of the most beautiful and fascinating centres in the Maremma, with a rich and undoubtedly relevant cultural and historical past. Immersed amongst the streets of this charming village are extraordinary monuments and churches just waiting to be discovered, as well as striking views of the beautiful Maremman countryside.

The town of Saturnia never fails to capture the attention of its visitors, charming guests with its historically beautiful heritage which includes the Parciatichi- Ximenes Palazzo, once the residence of many important political figures; the Saint Maria Maddalena Church, built in the Middle Ages and almost completely rebuilt in the following centuries; the Castellum Aquarum, used by the Romans as a cistern to collect water and finally the Archaeological Museum, which holds a large collection of Etruscan and Roman ruins, found in nearby necropolises.